**Schedule Change Sat. 3/10/18 Only No Cardio Kick /Zumba  10am  to 10:45 am**

East Meadow, NY


We now have two great locations in the heart of Nassau County NY,. 1752 Harton Ave.(downstairs)  just off of East Meadow Avenue in E. Meadow and 529 Bedford Ave.Bellmore at Celebrations Event/Party & Fitness Place (next to The Bellmore Playhouse). We have been bringing Zumba Fitness to our community since 2010.


Preparing yourself Mentally to Live a Healthier Life

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                 ​Definition of TEEMto be full of, be filled with, be alive with,  be brimming with....FITNESS

www.ViaZumba.com has joined forces with Teem Fitness to bring to you more group fitness classes! Body Sculpt/Cardio Kick, Yoga, Zumbini & More! Click on the Schedule Tab for our current schedule.


Zumba -  Zumba Toning & Meditation - Cardio Kick - Body Sculpting  & Zumbini (Mommy & Me)

*Classes Cancelled 3/7/18 Due to Winter Storm*

We have a strong commitment towards personalized service and individual  attention for those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


Get what you need from those who know how to provide It.   Nothing's more important than good health. We provide a place you can workout and feel comfortable whether you are just starting  group fitness classes or you are looking for more. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming making it easy to step into a new class and get started!